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NeoComm can assist you much better comprehend and handle your security risks through a range of professional services, tailored to match your particular needs and delivered with the care and understanding that only experienced professionals can provide.
In addition to our standard service offerings, NeoComm can leverage our consulting method to create custom-made professional NeoComm’s services include:
• Penetration Checking
• Security Review
• Policy Development
• Security Awareness
• Red Teaming
• Web App. Security
• Managed Secure Services
• Services solutions to satisfy the needs of your particular challenges.

The ever increasing reliance of businesses on information technology, combined with the need to quickly adjust business processes to keep pace with technological advances, introduces new and more complex security difficulties. This, combined with the increasing rate of domestic and international crime, worsened by terrorism, and compliance responsibilities such as the Privacy Act, means the need to protect your business is now more crucial than ever before.
NeoComm is a professional security consulting company who offers the skills and competence you need to overcome today’s security difficulties. Our experts are experienced professionals who comprehend business and not just technology. These elements mean that you can feel confident the recommendations NeoComm’s experts provide is constantly in the best interest of your business and is commensurate with your security danger profile.
Security Professional Services
Security can be defined as the state or feeling of being safe and protected. Safety measures are frequently taken to keep assets safe from crime, attack or risk and the cohesive system of physical and sensible controls, which allow an entity to continue their legitimate operations without interruption.
Protective security is the total environment developed to prevent or minimise loss of or damage to possessions, including personnel. These steps can be described as:
• personnel security (only known trusted individuals with a “need to go” can access to assets).
• physical security (fences, lighting, alarms, access to control systems, locks and safes).
• administrative security (policies and procedures, incident reporting, threat and risk assessment).
• information security (data classification, access only to those with a “need to know”, custody).
• Security education and awareness (personnel training, anticipated standards of conduct, duty for security and custody of possessions such as passwords, keys, vehicles and other organisational property (eg. laptops).
The overall effectiveness of protective security arrangements is only as strong as the weakest link. Failure to ensure cohesive security management in each category and reasonably assess risks can expose organisations to a range of negative occasions, which in severe cases can be fatal to the business (eg. PanAm 103, Lockerbie).
Security arrangements for each business therefore need to be based on danger assessment, so that cost effective countermeasures can be introduced to protect the organisation and ensure continued viability.
NeoComm experts are experienced across a range of protective security concerns. Our experts have helped on significant security projects of varying intricacy, while all work is performed in accordance with pertinent professional standards (eg. ASNZS4360, risk management).
Security Awareness Solutions.
• Do your personnel pleasantly hold doors open for complete strangers?
• Are confidential documents left unattended on desks?
• Do personnel talk about confidential information in the local bar after work?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, felt confident, you’re not alone!
Your company’s investment in pricey security systems like firewalls, alarms and virus scanners could be rendered inadequate through a single irresponsible act by one of your trusted colleagues. Developing a sensible level of security awareness within your company is crucial to acquiring the optimum benefit from your investment in security controls and countermeasures, as well as minimizing your security risks. Many government and market standards, including the International Security Standard ISO 17799, require that companies have appropriate security awareness training programs in place in order to be compliant.
NeoComm can provide you with a wide range of security awareness solutions particularly tailored to satisfy your needs, varying from hi-tech computer-based training systems to simple and efficient posters campaigns.
Contact one of our freindly experts today to learn more about how NeoComm’s security awareness solutions can assist you get the job done.
Security Awareness Training.
We have worked closely with government and industry to identify and address the challenges generally associated with delivering standard security awareness training to small, medium and large user populations.
As a result of this research, we took an extremely distinct technique to security awareness training, making use of the latest multimedia technologies in a brand-new and ingenious way to provide a vibrant, interactive and enjoyable training experience.

Our security awareness training program has a variety of distinct features:.
• The delivery method is flexible. A choice of delivery via CDROM and/or intranet means that private team members can finish the training at their own workstation when it is most convenient for them, as part of a group session in a training room, or at home via their laptop computer or even their personal computer.
• Through our collaboration with SBS language services, NeoComm can provide language translation for the entire training program, including audio, into almost any language, as and when required.
• Standard reporting is available in comma-delimited text format for integration with almost any data-mining/reporting application. In addition, NeoComm can customise the data export functionality of the training to integrate with almost any web-based or SCORM compliant learning management system.
• NeoComm is able to provide truely global assistance through our 24×7 web and email support system, supported by our network of partners in the U.S., Europe and the U.A.E.
• The material in the training program can be quickly personalized to create seperate training streams to match particular roles, include site specific security requirements and images and far more.
According to the Information Security Manager at one of our biggest consumers, a multi-national chemical company with sites in Germany, South America, Australia and The United States And Canada, “The very best feature of NeoComm’s training is that it is delivered in an amusing fashion. Security awareness is typically a fairly dry subject and NeoComm has discovered a way to introduce it in a format which will not send you to sleep. This is very important given that you want your personnel to comprehend the material.”.

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