Penetration Testing
IT Penetration testing provides a way for you to assess both security risk exposures in your network perimeter, as well as your organisation's ability to detect and respond to a real threat.
Penetration Testing F.A.Q.
The FAQ provides the answers to frequently asked questions about penetration testing.
In today's world where information technology infrastructures are becoming increasingly large and complex, and the outsourcing of security monitoring and management is commonplace, knowing that the security of your assets is being managed properly can be difficult. Penetration testing, by simulating real world attacks, is an effective way to test for security vulnerabilities in your organisation as well as measure how well your monitoring and response capabilities are functioning.

NeoComm’s active penetration testing services deliver a simulated ‘real-world’ attack on your information systems and/or physical perimeter, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your preventative security strategy, monitoring and response capability.
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