IT Penetration Testing
IT Penetration testing provides a way for you to assess both security risk exposures in your network perimeter, as well as your organisation's ability to detect and respond to a real threat.
Security Review
A security review conducted by NeoComm's highly experienced security consultants can help you to identify and remedy weaknesses in both your IT and physic al security systems, before they lead to a major security breach.
Security Policy Development
Your security policy is the cornerstone of your security management strategy. Without a comprehensive security policy in place, security efforts will be largely reactive, uncoordinated and ineffective.
eBusiness Architecture Security
Most web developers today are aware of the basic requirements for building secure web applications. They know about things like passwords, encryption, session management and the like. However, web application security is more than just point solutions to common problems. You need to take a strategic defence-in-depth look at all of the key issues.
NeoComm's Security Policy Development is designed to assist companies in developing and implementing secure information management systems. It helps to ensure that organisations meet legislative requirements and adheres to industry 'best practices'. The system incorporates the policy, procedures and practices required to regulate the use, management and protection of a company's information assets.

NeoComm has licensed a world standard security policy framework which conforms to Australian and International standards (AS/NZS 4444 & ISO 17799). Many I.T. security policies fail in that they are too technical, contain a confusing mix of policy, procedures, technical detail and irrelevant material, quickly becoming outdated as technology changes.

NeoComm's licensed system avoids these and many other pitfalls. Our policy framework is designed to be technology-neutral, drafted in appropriate legal language, and structured in a tiered system that avoids the need for constant updating. NeoComm's system involves developing specific tiers which govern specific areas of information management including;

  • corporate and legislative governance
  • acceptable user policies
  • adoption of national and international standards
  • risk management
  • audit and review
  • technical configurations and specifications
  • human resources issues.

    Our policy framework is current, relevant, authoritative, and well-accepted by users. It ensures that company's information systems are governed appropriately, managed for risk, and audited to International standards - all crucial elements for ensuring robust information security.

    NeoComm's structured 'best practice' approach ensures that policy is relevant, enforceable, and adopted by all users of the system. Our licensed policy framework is a proven approach to information security management.
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