IT Penetration Testing
IT Penetration testing provides a way for you to assess both security risk exposures in your network perimeter, as well as your organisation's ability to detect and respond to a real threat.
Security Review
A security review conducted by NeoComm's highly experienced security consultants can help you to identify and remedy weaknesses in both your IT and physic al security systems, before they lead to a major security breach.
Security Policy Development
Your security policy is the cornerstone of your security management strategy. Without a comprehensive security policy in place, security efforts will be largely reactive, uncoordinated and ineffective.
eBusiness Architecture Security
Most web developers today are aware of the basic requirements for building secure web applications. They know about things like passwords, encryption, session management and the like. However, web application security is more than just point solutions to common problems. You need to take a strategic defence-in-depth look at all of the key issues.
The ever increasing reliance of businesses on information technology, combined with the need to rapidly adapt business processes to keep pace with technological advances, introduces new and more complex security challenges. This, combined with the increasing rate of domestic and international crime, aggravated by terrorism, and compliance obligations such as the Privacy Act, means the need to protect your business is now more critical than ever before.

NeoComm is a specialist security consulting company who offers the skills and expertise you need to overcome today's security challenges. Our consultants are experienced professionals who understand business and not just technology. These factors mean that you can rest assured the advice NeoComm's consultants provide is always in the best interest of your business and is commensurate with your security risk profile.
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