Physical Security F.A.Q.
The FAQ provides the answers to freequently asked questions about Physical Security
Freequently Asked Questions
Security can be defined as the state or feeling of being safe and protected. Precautions are often taken to keep assets safe from crime, attack or danger and the cohesive system of physical and logical controls, which permit an entity to continue their legitimate operations without disruption.

Protective security is the total environment created to prevent or minimise loss of or damage to assets, including staff. These measures can be described as:
  • personnel security (only known trusted persons with a "need to go" can gain access to assets)
  • physical security (fences, lighting, alarms, access control systems, locks and safes)
  • administrative security (policies and procedures, incident reporting, threat and risk assessment)
  • information security (data classification, access only to those with a "need to know", custody)
  • security education and awareness (staff training, expected standards of conduct, responsibility for security and custody of assets such as passwords, keys, vehicles and other organisational property (eg. laptop computers).
The overall effectiveness of protective security arrangements is only as strong as the weakest link. Failure to ensure cohesive security management in each category and rationally assess threats and risks can expose organisations to a range of adverse events, which in severe cases can be fatal to the business (eg. PanAm 103, Lockerbie).

Security arrangements for each business therefore need to be based on risk assessment, so that cost effective countermeasures can be introduced to protect the organisation and ensure continued viability.

NeoComm consultants are experienced across a range of protective security concerns. Our consultants have assisted on significant security assignments of varying complexity, while all work is performed in accordance with relevant professional standards (eg. ASNZS4360, risk management).
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