Computer-based Security Awareness Training
Our computer-based security awareness training program utilises the latest in interactive multimedia technology and adult learning techniques to provide a fun and interesting learning experience.
Face-to-face Security Awareness Training
Traditional classroom style face-to-face security awareness training provides general information about staff roles and responsbilities as well as raising the general level of awareness of security issues.
Custom Security Awareness Strategies
Our consultants can develop a security awareness strategy specific to your company's unique requirements.
Do your staff politely hold doors open for complete strangers?
Are confidential documents left unattended on desks?
Do staff discuss confidential information in the local pub after work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, rest assured, you’re not alone!

Your company's investment in expensive security systems like firewalls, alarm systems and virus scanners could be rendered ineffective through a single negligent act by one of your trusted colleagues. Creating a reasonable level of security awareness within your company is critical to gaining the maximum benefit from your investment in security controls and countermeasures, as well as reducing your security risks. Many government and industry standards, including the International Security Standard ISO 17799, require that companies have adequate security awareness training programs in place in order to be compliant.

NeoComm can provide you with a wide array of security awareness solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs, ranging from hi-tech computer-based training systems to simple and effective posters campaigns.

Contact one of our freindly consultants today to find out more about how NeoComm's security awareness solutions can help you get the job done.
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