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NeoComm's Security Awareness Training program is the most comprehensive security awareness training program available. Find out what topics are covered together with relevant references to the ISO 17799 International Security Standard.
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NeoComm's Security Awareness Training program has a bright, fun and professional user interface, making it easy to use for people with advanced computer skills, as well as those with novice computer skills.
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Security Awareness Training
We have worked closely with government and industry to identify and address the challenges typically associated with delivering traditional security awareness training to small, medium and large user populations.

As a result of this research, we took a very unique approach to security awareness training, utilising the latest multimedia technologies in a new and innovative way to deliver a vibrant, interactive and fun training experience.

Our security awareness training program has a number of unique features:
The delivery method is flexible. A choice of delivery via CDROM and/or intranet means that individual staff members can complete the training at their own workstation when it is most convenient for them, as part of a group session in a training room, or at home via their laptop or even their home computer.
Through our partnership with SBS language services, NeoComm can provide language translation for the entire training program, including audio, into just about any language, as and when required.
Standard reporting is available in comma-delimited text format for integration with just about any data-mining/reprting application. In addition, NeoComm can customise the data export functionality of the training to integrate with just about any web-based or SCORM compliant learning management system.
NeoComm is able to provide truely global support through our 24x7 web and email support system, backed up by our network of partners in the U.S., Europe and the U.A.E.
The content in the training program can be easily customised to create seperate training streams to suit specific roles, include site specific security requirements and imagery and much more.
According to the Information Security Manager at one of our largest customers, a multi-national chemical company with sites in Germany, South America, Australia and North America, "The best feature of NeoCommís training is that it is delivered in an entertaining fashion. Security awareness is generally a fairly dry topic and NeoComm has found a way to introduce it in a format which will not send you to sleep. This is important since you want your staff to comprehend the material."

The two graphs to the right provide some insight into how NeoComm's security awareness training program has been received by employees at one of our clients. These are just two of the questions each participant is asked upon completion of the training. An Adobe Acrobat document with the full set of results is available here.

To take NeoComm's security awareness training program for a test drive, please click here.
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