Computer-based Security Awareness Training
Our computer-based security awareness training program utilises the latest in interactive multimedia technology and adult learning techniques to provide a fun and interesting learning experience.
Face-to-face Security Awareness Training
Traditional classroom style face-to-face security awareness training provides general information about staff roles and responsbilities as well as raising the general level of awareness of security issues.
Custom Security Awareness Strategies
Our consultants can develop a security awareness strategy specific to your company's unique requirements.
Security Awareness Training
Creating a security culture is something that doesn't happen overnight. Ad-hoc security briefing sessions, while an integral part of an overall security awareness strategy, are simply not enough to inspire long-term behavioural change.

NeoComm is able to provide assistance to organisations who are interested in initiating a program to improve security awareness, or who are simply looking to enhance and leverage from their existing security awareness initiatives.

Our experienced consultants can show you how to maximise and measure the impact and effectiveness of training programs, bulletins, posters, screensavers and other useful awareness raising tools.
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